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Myriad Centre

The Myriad Centre offers tailored, person centred, support programmes to an increasing number of service users with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD).

Planned around the needs, interests and aspirations of each individual, whether they use the Day Centre or benefit from the support of Myriad’s specialist staff in their own homes, our programmes continue to unlock all of life’s possibilities and potential, for those facing the most profound and complex barriers as they make the transition to adulthood.


Covid-19 Update

The health and wellbeing of clients and staff at the Myriad Centre are paramount and we are committed to ensuring the safe delivery of care and support in a Covid-secure environment.

The Myriad Centre is working closely with local CCGs, Worcestershire County Council and the Health Protection Agency to ensure that all processes are in line with the latest evidence-based Government advice and guidance.

If you have any concerns or queries about the way in which we are delivering our services at this challenging time, please contact Serena Rimell, Client Care Manager.

Myriad Saturday Club

Every Saturday the Myriad Centre opens its doors.

Myriad Saturday Club is a place where people with disabilities can get together, meet new people, relax, make friends and let their hair down.

Find out more about our Saturday Club and download a leaflet.

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Hydrotherapy is an essential part of our clients’ lives as it provides a rare opportunity for freedom of movement out of their wheelchairs.

The warm water helps painful joints and the water pressure helps to improve lung function which, in turn, reduces the chance of infections developing.

Our clients love these fun and relaxing times in the pool, which all helps to promote wellbeing.

Find out more about specialist interventions and watch the hydrotherapy video.