Purposeful days, flexible care and a bridge to the future for profoundly disabled young people and their families.

A lifetime of caring for a child with profound disabilities and complex needs is a daunting task for any family. Even worse, is fearing that when special school or other local authority daytime support ends at 19 or even earlier, the routine will end.

That’s why the Myriad Centre in Worcester is vital for local parents who can confidently leave their young disabled sons and daughters with us to enjoy stimulating days in a safe environment.

Myriad is the only local centre of its kind and it is reaching capacity with over 30 families and a waiting list. It has become a lifeline for parents and has gained the respect of health care professionals. It is essential that we continue and expand our work to offer our disabled young people broader horizons and their families, long term practical support.

We are a small charity and rely on your help. Local authority benefits contribute to a basic care package for these young people but cannot fund the sort of support that Myriad gives.

It is the only local independent specialist centre of its kind and is open 51 weeks of the year.

We hope you will take a little time to find out more about our work.