The Myriad Centre was opened in April 2007 as a registered charity (No. 1109843) by a group of education and health professionals who recognised that there was a need for day care provision specifically aimed at young adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) as they made the transition from school to adulthood.

At a time of massive disruption for both them and their families, our clients are faced with limited choices for life after school with options that are mostly limited to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  

For those who set up the Myriad Centre in 2007 was the recognition that these young adults needed not just a safe place for them to go, but one that provides for

their medical, physical and emotional wellbeing while continuing to enhance their still-developing skills and life experiences.  These special people, like everyone else, need a purpose in life, something which provides meaning and a community within which they can flourish and grow.

From this belief The Myriad Centre has evolved, starting with three part-time clients in 2007 to providing support and care for some 20 clients and Saturday’s Club also.

The Centre is based in St George’s Walk, Worcester and has expanded as the number of clients have increased.  In 2011, offices were created on the first

floor of the building together with a staff room and facilities, and a sensory room downstairs.  In 2017 thanks to the generous support of grant making trusts, the Centre has been able to refurbish and extend both its sensory and personal care rooms.

Our minibuses are used throughout the day to enable clients to participate in a wide range of events and activities outside the Centre such as, swimming, hydrotherapy, theatre, social gatherings, day trips and sports-type activities.