Information for new clients


The Myriad Centre Admissions Policy

At the Myriad Centre we have a structured admission process that ensures all individuals commencing their time with us do so at a pace which suits them and within an individually tailored and personalised framework established to manage their admission safely and effectively.

We will ensure that the application process is managed in a person centred way and, as a result of the process, that we ascertain whether the Myriad Centre can meet the client's needs, that the expectations of prospective clients and their families are fully understood, and that the package offered is tailored to meet the needs and the expectations of the individual.

The Myriad Centre aims to support, in the first instance, individuals with profound and multiple disabilities as a continued specialism. However each application will be assessed on its own merits and if it is decided that we are able to support the individual safely and effectively, we will extend our support to people with learning disabilities and other complex needs.  At the time of publication for this policy it is not the expectation of the charity that we will support individuals with behaviour that is challenging or with medical needs more suited to a health setting.

We will also ensure that the terms and conditions of the Myriad Centre are fully explored with the person(s) responsible for purchasing the service on behalf of the client.

  1. Initial assessment

Each prospective client will have an initial visit by at least one member of staff who is responsible for client assessment. The prospective client’s needs will be assessed and funding arrangements will also be discussed at this meeting. The assessor will complete the new referral client assessment forms.

If it is agreed that a place can be offered, a personal support plan (care plan) will be developed which will include relevant information from the client and parents/carers, as well as professionals, and classroom staff who have already been involved with the individual's support.  The care plan will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

New clients and their parents/carers will be presented with a welcome pack and a handbook including terms and conditions of service.

  1. Taster sessions

Everyone starting with Myriad will be offered the opportunity of up to three taster sessions to which parents/carers can also come along.

  1. Reviews

During the first three months, each new client will have monthly reviews where we can discuss progress etc. to ensure that we are meeting the needs and interests of the individual and that the level of support they are receiving is appropriate. Parents/carers can attend these reviews and all information will be shared.

Subsequently, reviews will be held annually and care plans will be updated on an ongoing basis as necessary.

If we have reason to believe that the level of care that people are receiving is not meeting needs, support packages can be enhanced or reduced if appropriate but this will always be done in consultation with other professional agencies, clients, and parents/carers.