Richard Whateley

Richard Whateley, Chief Executive Officer

The Myriad Centre welcomed a new Chief Executive Officer on 9th April 2018. Richard Whateley was formerly a children's charity CEO and more recently, has led service development with a national taskforce which has brough together leaders and influencers from the Healtcare, Social Care, Education, Employment and Housing sectors, to explore ways in which to improve the lives of young people with life-shortening conditions. This project, the UK Transition Taskforce (UKTTF), works through regional groups to highlight the shortfall in service provision to this group of people as they transition into adulthood.

Richard commented that 'the Myriad Centre delivers a service to young adults which is sought after by families and carers of youngsters with complex needs, throughout the UK. It is a fine example of a daytime respite care and support service, the very thing which families need once their child has become an adult and, not every town or city has such a provision which is accessible to them'. He joins Myriad for four days a week while he continues to oversee affairs with the UKTTF which in turn, provides Myriad with links into the world of children's and adult hospice care as well as that of education and many other complimentary services.

Richard's initial focus is on ensuring that the service continues to deliver to the high standards which clients and their families have enjoyed over the past ten years and then, to introduce a strategy to grow the business into a centre which provides care excellence and support to allow our young people to explore their potential and to live more fulfilling lives.

Prior to working with children and young people in the healthcare sector, Richard has enjoyed success as a fundraising manager on health and social care projects, including the building of a children's hospital wing at an NHS Hospital in Oxford.