Based in Worcester, in our own specially resourced building, the Centre is open Monday to Friday for full day or shorter sessions.

In the Centre you can choose from an activity programme that includes, amongst other things, cookery, IT, making music, arts and crafts, film and book clubs.

The Myriad Centre is also your hub for going to therapies such as Hydro and Rebound as well as leisure activities such as sport.

During the summer, there's gardening, BBQ's and other outdoor activities, ice cream and games in the park.

To make sure that you get the best out of your day our Physiotherapy team and fully trained staff will support you with medication and personal care as well as helping you to make choices about the activities that you want to do.

Being part of our Myriad family also provides an opportunity for you to learn about all the other things the Myriad Centre is able to offer to you and your family such as our activity projects that run throughout the year, after school groups, Support at Home etc.

For more information about Myriad's Day Service, and all other services and activities contact us or call in to see us at the Centre anytime between 9.00am and 3.00pm Monday to Saturday.

The 5 Steps of Person Centred Planning

Person Centred Planning (PCP) puts each individual at the centre of proactively ensuring equality, enablement and inclusion.
It takes in to account individual strengths, preferences, areas of difficulty and related support strategies and adapts and grows with them through all stages of their life.


The individual sits in the centre of the planning process. Plans are made according to what they want and what they need.


Family, friends and carers are included as partners in the planning process.


Plans reflect what is important to the individual now and in to the future, and takes in to consideration the support that they require.


The plan helps the individual to be included in their community, and supports their community to include them.


The plan is ongoing. It puts into action what the individual wants for their life. It is reviewed and amended as their wants and needs change.

The 7 stages of the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Process

The protection of the young and the vulnerable, along with their welfare, happiness and inclusion in the community, are the overriding aims and values of the Myriad Centre.  The following steps give an overview of the safeguarding process.

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WellBeing Programme

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